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PAID APPS FOR FREE? Now, as I have your attention, let’s get on to the most awaited topic. And, the answer is yes, this article covers the top 20 ways for getting premium apps for free and Google Play Store apps for free.

Android has tons of great features, and more of those features can be enhanced using the Android Applications. These Applications are of mostly two types- Free version & Paid Version. The free version is mostly used by all the people, but there are only a few people who actually pay for the Android Premium App. The prices for the app varies according to the application but yes, sometimes they worth every penny you pay. For example, take a look at the image below.

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Android Play Store Apps for Free

Here, you can see that the Free version has around 50M+ downloads and the Paid version has around 1M+ downloads. You can clearly see the difference here. So is this app worth every penny you spend? Doesn’t matter, all we want is the way to get this android application (Music application in this case) for free.

So Is there Any Way to Get These Premium Android Applications for Free?

Luckily yes. We have found 20 ways you can get all these Google Play Store apps for free, without spending a single penny. The ways that are given here tried and tested by us before writing this article so if any of the ways don’t work, let us know in the comment section, and we will be glad to sort that out. So, here are the top 20 ways to get Google Play Store apps for free.

1) Paid Apps Gone Free (PAGF)- Download

PAGF- google play store apps for free

This app has more than a million downloads and a rating of 4.3 on the Google Play store. It notifies you whenever an app goes on sale (free basically) and that list updates every single day. So whatever goes on sale on App stores, you get to know first. This is the most excellent way to get those premium apps for free. Downloading this app and you will not regret the space it takes (it takes 873 KB literally).

2) Freapp: Download


This Android application also works similarly as that of PAGF, but it has that special search algorithm which plays a vital role in updating daily catalogs. The catalogs have a list of apps that have gone free or discounted recently to save some precious bucks. This application has more than 7 million downloads surprisingly and has a rating of 3.9 on the Google Play store.

3) Amazon Underground download

Amazon Underground- google play store apps for free

Amazon Underground is an excellent and cozy alternative for google play store. This application has a decent UI with lots of categories which felt like a distraction for a time. As it is “Amazon,” it will also show you sweet local deals with apps. The main feature is that all the applications which are paid on the Google Play store are free on Amazon Underground. This Amazon Underground application is challenging to find as it is not present on Google Play store but doesn’t worry I will leave a link below for you guys to download.

Download Link-

4) Playstoresales

PlayStoreSales- google play store apps for free

Playstoresales is the website which gives you real-time status of the apps. The funny thing is most of the people doesn’t know this one, and they use some third-party applications like the ones I told you about in the first half of the article. This site is an official one and updates the first in all the websites, so you get the notification way before than others. So bookmark this site page and look out for your favorite apps to go on sale.

5) Google Opinion Rewards download

Google Opinion Rewards

Google opinion reward is the google android application, which brings you surveys very often. The best part about it is the rewards, and you heard it right. It pays you for the survey. You get the payment in the google play store wallet. If you give enough surveys, you can buy paid apps using that money. So indirectly that app will cost you nothing.

6) App sales

AppSales- Premium Apps for Free

Just like many of the apps on the list. This app has the insider info on all the latest deals. It has a wishlist option as well, which will keep track of your favorite apps and tell you when they go on sale. Best way to get the most premium of the apps for free or at a meagre price. The app is available on the play store for you to download.


Aptoide- Paid Apps for Free

It is one of the biggest stores for downloading apps for free. Aptoide is a rather large independent app marketplace for Android developers to show off their apps. Many app developers use it to create their own version of the Android Store. Essentially it acts as a huge app repository with lots of paid apps which are given for free.


GetJar- google play store apps for free

GetJar is basically a Google Play Store alternative that has been around for almost as long as the google play store itself. It was originally created as an open beta testing ground for app developers to beta test their apps. They could test their apps before releasing it into the market, but it has since morphed into a giant app store. Not only can you find apps not found in the official Google Play Store, but also find many paid apps for free.

9)App of the day

App of The Day- Premium Apps for Free

It’s a Google initiative to make one popular paid app free for a day. It’s a great marketing tactic and gives us paid apps for free. What more can we ask for? Keep your eyes peeled for the latest offers on the play store to get the apps.

10) Samsung app store 

Samsung Galaxy Apps

Samsung alternative play store with lots of apps. A great alternative to the Play Store to download apps for free. Many apps are available which are safe and virus free. Do try them. Most apps are suited for Samsung phones; However, there are quite a lot of useful apps as well. So take your time to look through these apps. These apps do not have ads.



A great website for downloading paid apps for free. Some apps are even hosted with mods like unlimited money and stuff. Makes the apps that much more fun. Especially games. Hope you find the apps and games you are looking for.

Do note that there are many modded apps which have extra hacked features such as unlimited gems, coins, etc. You will not get play store updates for apps downloaded from this store. So be careful while using apps from revdl.


Apkplaygame is another alternative to Google Play, which offers a wide range of free and premium android Apps from app developers all around the world. It includes many mods and games and is currently leading the download paid games for free section.

Similar to revdl this site has plenty of paid apps for free. However many are modded apps as well. These apps will not be eligible for updates. So I would recommend using only trusted apps from this site.


The largest repository for Android apps along with all their versions, including beta versions. It does not have any restrictions, unlike play store so you can even download device-specific apps like google camera, etc. Its the ideal download website for app lovers.

The amount of apps and versions ion this site is huge. But there is no device detection feature. So you have to choose the appropriate apk. Not all the files work on every device. Best for programmers and gamers.


UpToDown- google play store apps for free

Uptodown website is available in multiple languages and offers localized content for the same. It provides numerous paid and free apps all for free. It uses virus total to scan the apps and ensure that there are no viruses hidden inside the apps or any other modifications which could harm your device or the data in it, so it is safe.

15) F-Droid


F-Droid contains only free and open-source apps provided by the developer. It is a nonprofit volunteer organization basically free and opensource project. Anyone can join to help out or contribute funds via the donate button. Famous ad-blocking apps like Adaway are available on the f-droid store. It has no ads or hidden monetization techniques, so it’s one of the highly recommended stores for apps.

16)Apk pure

APKPURE- Free apps

A website which serves as a repository for all the apps on the play store along with the different versions. Unlike the play store, you can download any version you want. This makes the website much more flexible in terms of providing apps.


BlackMart- Paid Apps for Free

At one point of time was the leader for pirated and premium apps for free section. Now, other alternatives have taken the forefront. It is still a great alternative to top download paid apps for free. You can download many popular Android apps from Blackmart for free. The latest Android premium apps do take some time to get on Blackmart but are sure to be there so hang on for a while because the wait will be worth.

18) Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher has the option of custom patching apps which can directly make an app into its pro version. It has patches for a majority of apps. Apps such as Utorrent or BitTorrent, MX player, es explorer, etc. have ready-made patches which can be used to make any app into its pro version. Do note that play store will treat lucky patcher as a virus since its a hack. It requires root access for patching system apps.

how hackers hack android apps with lucky patcher

19) Cheatdroid


Cheatdroid is an android system file editor with which you can edit the values of apps. By editing certain values, you are able to get unlimited points and premium memberships for free. Just like lucky patcher google treats this app as a virus and will show you alerts to remove it. The only annoying thing about it is the ads present in the app. You can just use lucky patcher to disable all the ads from cheatdroid.

20) Torrents

Torrents- google play store apps for free

Torrent websites are the treasure trove of paid apps. The only drawback is that you cannot be sure about the source of the apps. I would recommend using a good antivirus to scan the apps before installing them to make sure that you do not infect your phone with malware.

Hope you liked our hacks to find paid apps for free. Make sure that the app is installed with your google play account so you can restore the purchase as per your need in future.

Like the articles, share them and if you know any other ways then definitely mention those in the comment section. We would be glad to add those to our article.

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