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HOW T0 BYPASS NETFLIX OTP 2023 to use Netflix anonymously?, yes it is possible, by using this method you can create a Netflix account without Phone Number verification, which means you can bypass the Netflix phone verification process easily by just following a few steps.

Sometimes we want to create more than one account, but as per Netflix policy user needs to verify phone numbers to use Netflix, so here I have come up with a method about how to bypass Netflix phone verification.

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I have already shared Latest Netflix BINs, for creating a free Net flix premium, but some of our readers are not able to use Netflix because of Phone Verification, don’t worry from now you can easily bypass them.



  • You can use Netflix anonymously
  • Create unlimited accounts
  • Make dedicated account for each person
  • Share with your friends and family
  • No ban issue
  • High quality streaming

As you can see the benefits of bypassing phone verification, so now come to the main point. Here we will use a Virtual phone number instead of a real number, don’t you understand? let me explain to you.


  • You can’t recover your account easily.
  • Lack of security
  • Your account can be hacked.
  • You will miss some SMS notifications

All the methods have some advantages and disadvantages as well, however, it will help you use Net flix anonymously, if you keep wanting to bypass, then read continue.

There are many applications and websites available you can get a free phone number for verification we will use those numbers used to receive OTP (One time password) and then use the OTP to verify the account. It’s simple.

How to Bypass Netflix Phone Verification Full Guide

First of all visit visit any online sms receiver site by clicking here

Now choice any number which you wish to use in Net flix (Select accorading your country)

Then, open Netflix and start signing up for a new accout

You can use Netflix bin , for getting free Netflix Premium account.

On the phone verification page, enter the number you got from online sms receiver site.

Click on ‘Send OTP’ option, now open sms receiver site again and click on the number which you used in Net flix.

There you will see OTP, just copy it and paste on the Net flix phone verification page and click on verify buton.

That’s all, now your account has been verified, enjoy all the available contents.

Please note: sometimes, you will get error like This number already linked with account, so in this case you will have to use another number.

As it is online sms receiver site so lot’s of people using it. And anyone can change the password too. However, by following this process you can easily bypass Net flix phone verification.

Method 2 Bypass Netflix Phone Verification via App

This is another way to bypass Netflix phone verification, nowadays many applications are available in the play store where you will get free international numbers, you can use those numbers to bypass Netflix phone verification.

There are many apps available such as

  • Textme up
  • Text Me
  • 2nd line app
  • Numero Sim
  • Text plus
  • Wabi

Many others available, you just have to download any of them, then just get an international number and use it on Netflix just like verifying your own number. It’s simple.

Simple steps to bypass Netflix phone verification:

  • Download any apps international number provider app from playstore
  • Opem the app, Signup for a new account
  • Select which country number you want
  • Finally, select plan and subscribe via playstore
  • Then, open Ne tflix
  • Enter the number which you buy from the app
  • Click on Send OTP
  • Open the app again and tap on the SMS section
  • There, you will see the OTP which comes from Netflix
  • Copy it and paste on the Netflix and click on verify option.

That’s it, you just have to follow the above simple process, you can also use the number anywhere for verification purposes or you can call someone too from that number, it works just like your own number. But only one problem is that all the international number provider apps offer a free trial for 1 week after the end of the trial, you have to make the payment otherwise you will lose that number.

However, you can bypass Net flix phone verification process easily with any international number provider app, you can unstall and reinstall the app to enjoy free for lifetime.

Final Words

So here I have done my work, I have shared the two best working method which helps you to bypass Netflix phone verification, you can use both.

If you face any issue during bypassing Net flix number verification process, just do comment down below, i will try to fix it out. Also let me know which method you will use to bypass?..

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