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Jumia Carding Method 2023 Updated spammed log is a hacked Jumia account with a credit card linked to it, and its from the credit card that you make payments for your purchases

Jumia Carding method 2023

Jumia spammed log is a hacked Jumia account with a credit card linked to it, and its from the credit card that you make payments for your purchases. These logs are guaranteed to function in all countries that support Jumia online store.

What is a Jumia spammed Log?

Below is a detailed guide on how you can make online Payments for you’re purchases using jumia logs.

Note: There are many folks out there claiming to sell Jumia logs, please don’t fall victim like me. Have been scammed several times until when l realized this site that sells legit spammed Jumia logs click here. I recommend all my readers to buy logs from there because they are legit, am saying this because have bought several spammed Jumia logs from there without any disappointments.

Follow these procedures to successfully card Jumia;

  1. Buy Jumia Logs (hacked account) from a legit carding shop. We recommend this shop, click here

    Access the carding shop and purchase a Jumia log. These logs always cost less money compared to the balance in it. Because you can buy a log at 20$ when it has a balance of 500$ – 1000$ in it as of the site have been buying them from, though the costs may differ depending on the carding shop you will buy them from.

  2. Visit

    After purchasing you’re log, next step is visting the jumia website, and this step wont require a VPN.

  3. Login the Jumia Account you bought

    The jumia log is simply the hacked jumia login details that you will be using to sign in to jumia website.

  4. Once you have logged in successfully, you will automatically see available balance.

    After successfully logging in into jumia, you will be able to see available balance since the credit card was already linked to the account.

  5. Add the item you want to buy to cart.

    To successfully order your item please ensure that the item you want to buy which is to be added to the cart does not exceed the balance you have in the account. If for example you have 500$ in your account, then order for what is within that price range i.e. 0$ – 500$.

  6. Click on “NEXT”

  7. Select your pickup station or delivery address

  8. Click on SELECT when you’re done.

  9. Then you click on next again to start makin payment

  10. Choose Jumia Pay as Payment Method

  11. Processing your order… just relax!

  12. Order confirmed successfully now wait for delivery day

Be aware that the jumia pay spam is 100% working and still very new in the game. Take advantage of it now; purchase a laptop, iphone and a few things you might need before job goes out of date. By the time jumia receives alot of petitions, then they might put a stop to jumia pay or upgrade security

Jumia Carding method 2023
Jumia Carding method 2023

All our readers in countries which operate jumia should try this job and start making good money. I highly recommend you to buy high balance jumia logs from here and order your items then quite the game early to stay away from feds!

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