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Your reading this post could be wondering how possible it is to increase Instagram followers without necessarily posting those fancy videos and photos.

NOTE! This is a black hat method of getting Instagram followers. Its illegal and we are not responsible for future implications if misused. This tutorial is for educational purposes Only!

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Many people have used this black hat method we gona share with you on this blog post to increase their Instagram followers from nothing to thousands of followers.

We choose to call this method the black hat method reason being it is not ethical and chances are that you may get locked out of your account if you persistently use this method without giving it some time lap.

With this black hat method that we sourced from the dark web, you can gain thousands then millions of followers with massive engagements in a few weeks.

This method of increasing Instagram followers involves a tool called termux. Termux is a free and open source terminal emulator for Android which allows/for running a Linux environment on an Android device.

In addition, various software can be installed through the application’s package manager. And for this case therefore, we are going to install an Instagram increase follower software through this application.

This software is a series of scripts that will be installed one at a time we drive towards increasing our followers.

Lol! We know someone there is wondering if this really works. Well we have grown various Instagram accounts for various celebrities just to catch their audience’s attention using this method.


No coding is required! If you’re green about about computer technicalities then worry less, as the whole process of gaining followers can be done by anyone – just copying and pasting instructions is what is needed.

Also, there is nothing like configuring any sort of server and no purchases involved, everything is free.

How to add Instagram Followers using Termux Script.


You will be required to install a termux app to your android device. You can download it from F-Droid.

Note: The termux app was banned from google playstore and therefore if you’re to use playstore you will find an outdated version that was banned along time ago, so we recommend downloading it from f-droid. Also the termux app works on Android 5.0 and above so if you're android is below that then just be rest assured that it won't work.

Installing required packages and scripts in termux

To install packages, you will need some commands to be fed onto the termux terminal. You also have to take note of the installations, errors may occur and the cause of the error will be displayed to you.

Commands for Instagram followers

$ Pkg update -y
$ pkg install git -y
$ pkg install openssl-tool
$ pkg install curl
$ git clone
$ cd insfollow
$ chmod +x
$ termux-wake-lock
$ bash

Now Login with your Instagram account and then boom! Followers have started increasing

Incase you experience any errors, then there are two possible reasons for the Error!

  1. Being unable to login into instagram.
  2. You may also have reached the follow or unfollow limit in instagram.

Solution :

  1. For solve first error, Disable 2 factor authentication if enabled. Then login into any browser and fill out verification if any required then login your instagram account in termux. After these step your first error will be solved.
  2. For solve second error, Don’t follow or unfollow any person on instagram for 24 hour then try again, it will work

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