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Amazon is the largest and most succesful retailer market and cloud computing giant in the western world. The company has built a reputation for being customer-centric with features like free shipping and 24/7 customer service.

With its vast selection of products and services, Amazon has become one of the most popular online shopping destinations for consumers worldwide.

The Amazon Refund Trick

As famous as Amazon is, they still have loopholes that most of you are unaware about. We have also been teaching people how to run the latest Amazon refund trick from time immemorial. But today, we have decided to bring it onboard.

This article teaches you how to get a refund from amazon without returning the product. And also, you will be able to order for a refund then get your refund back without being caught at any point.

People have testified how this trick works, and it’ll continue to work for those that follow instructions.

Before we go into the main thing, note that there are two Amazon refund methods: the Amazon old trick and the Amazon refund new trick. After the updates on the Amazon Refund Policy, the old trick became obsolete (stopped working).

For the sake of understanding, let me briefly explain how the Amazon refund trick works.

This trick involves ordering an item and deceiving Amazon that it is faulty, empty, or fake. This is to say that you’ll trick Amazon into refunding any amount you used to buy a particular product. For example, if you ordered a mobile phone for $200, this Amazon trick will make Amazon refund the money, sometimes as a gift card.

See for yourself below!!!

Amazon refund trick
Items before Opening


Items after Opening

Are You Ready for this Trick?

Please note before doing this, this Amazon refund trick is totally illegal, if caught then you can be arrested by police. Also amazon can register a case against you or your used account

If you are ready to take the risk then fine, here is the details about this trick, please do it with your own risk or contact for refund, we will do this trick of your delivery order at 50$

What is Amazon Refund Trick?

As you all know Amazon is a worldwide most popular E-commerce site, where we can shop anything we need, to give importance to it’s valuable customer amazon have refund policy of it’s customers if somehow a buyer was unsatisfied with delivered product.

Amazon Refund Method is a technique to claim refund of any delivered product or services without returning the product.


Here you will learn that method and you can use it to get refund of any delivered items. By using this method you can make a lot’s of profit.

USA people already know it and they are making serious money with it. But don’t worry, every one can do this after reading this article till end.

Amazon Refund Policy

Amazon’s refund policy is generous and customer-friendly. The company will refund your purchase for any reason, whether you changed your mind, the item arrived damaged, or you simply didn’t like it.

If you’re unsatisfied with your Amazon purchase, you can return the item within 30 business days of delivery for a full refund. However, you’ll need to contact the seller directly for items shipped from a third-party seller.

Amazon returns are easy. Just log in to your account, select the order you want to return, then the item, choose the refund payment method, and follow the instructions.

You’ll receive a refund within 3-5 business days after the item is back in the warehouse. However, in many cases, you’ll get the credit immediately once the item is checked-in at one of its partner locations.

Does Amazon Refund Without a Return?

Yeah, Amazon can refund you without u necessarily returning the item. The policy aims at keeping customers happy and satisfied with their purchases. In some cases, it even saves Amazon money due to the high cost of return shipping.

Being refunded without returning the item is not a guarantee because it will also depend on on some factors such as; if you received a damaged item and also the price of the item. You will find that at times, the shipping fee for the item back to the warehouse is more expensive than the item and therefore the amazon logistics while find it abit costly.

Nevertheless, this article is intended to show you the blackhat method of getting all the items you will order for from amazon freely with an assured money back guarantee without ever being traced.

Requirements for Amazon Refund method


Why I like this Amazon refund trick is that VPN is not necessary. However, it is still recommended because it is not suitable for your original IP address to be stored on the Amazon servers.

Old Amazon Account.

Just like Amazon Carding you will need to arrange an old amazon account with some delivered order, which you can easily arrange, if you don’t have, contact us to buy one old amazon account at 50$

Old amazon account doesn’t necessarily mean that you should have an Amazon account that is ten years old. Even if you create it now, you can make it old. Just make at least two transactions with the report. I recommend ordering two items of $2 to $10, depending on what you can afford.

Positive Balance in Account

There must be a positive balance for the trick to work. If you don’t understand what positive balance means, use the comment section below. Positive balance will increase your success rate

PC or Mobile Phone (Recommended)

I recommend the mobile phone because the PC may be too complex. However, you can use any which is suitable for you

Note: Your Amazon email, linked credit card, and everything should not necessarily be fake or original. Depending on whether you want to be anonymous on the internet or known, it’s your decision.

How to Get Refund from Amazon without Returning Item – Amazon Refund Trick

1. Create an Amazon Account

2. Order with the Amazon Account

3. Order the Main Item You Need (after successful, accurate orders)

4. Receive Orders

5. Contact Amazon and Complain

6. Regain Your Money from AmazonAdvertisements

7. Place Final Order (Optional)

Having seen the basic steps, let’s go into the main thing so that you’ll understand ‘what’s up with the Amazon refund trick loot.

This section will teach you everything concerning the Amazon refund trick. You’ll learn how to get a refund from Amazon without returning an item or product.

Let’s see how it can be done successfully!

Create an Amazon Account

Many people will ask you to buy an Amazon account at a costly rate. However, I can offer you the same performance at a cheap cost. If you want to create yours, I can’t guarantee that you’ll succeed with this trick, but I wish you all the best.

The account must contain correct details because this trick is not a lethal hustling trick like stolen credit cards on Amazon.

Order with the Amazon Account

Make two successful orders from Amazon worth $2 upward if you can afford more, good for you. But, make sure the orders are booming. However, if you do not want to wait and make at least two orders, you can create an Amazon account. You have to be careful because they might resell an Amazon account already used for this refund trick to you. If that happens, you’re in soup because the authorities will try to track you.

Order the Item You Need

After running two successful orders on Amazon, it is now time to begin the Amazon trick. First, open the account and add up to 3 items to the cart. Search for the item you need and place an order. Enter a pickup location not too close to your home because you may be tempted to retry this hustling method. Tell the seller that you want an ‘Expedited Delivery’ if you wish the item fast. If you don’t want to rush things, allow the Standard Delivery option to be used, but it will take between 7 to14 days.

Note: Do not remove the items in the cart.

Receive Order

Amazon refund trick
Amazon Refund Trick: Recieving item from carrier

When the courier arrives, act as if you’re in haste to go somewhere. Just sign, collect the package, dump it inside, and go out immediately. This will make the courier understand that you have not confirmed the item. After the courier is gone, get back and unpack your order.

Contact Amazon and Complain

This is the time when you manifest the Amazon refund trick. You can call, email, or complain to Amazon using your Amazon account.

I will show you how to!

To Complain Directly with the Amazon Account.

Amazon refund trick
Amazon Refund Trick: Setting Up Refund

Open Your Orders.

Find the order you want a refund for and select the Problem.

Pick the Problem that you want. I will explain the Problem you need for this trick.

Click on Request Refund.

Write something harsh in the Comment Box and click Submit.

Amazon Phone Number

009 1 206-922-0880

If you want to speak directly with them, call this number. However, I don’t recommend calling Amazon.

Amazon Email

There is a ‘Send Email’ option attached to your Amazon account.

These are the ways to contact Amazon and initiate the refund trick. However, when Amazon gets back to you, your complaint must be the following:

An empty box or Fake Item

For the ‘Empty Box’ trick, it means you’re not returning anything to Amazon. Whereas, for the ‘Fake Item’ trick, you must have prepared a similar item that will be returned to Amazon. Are you confused about which method to use? Both are confirmed and depending on how you can handle the situation.

Regain Your Money from Amazon.

Amazon Refund Trick: Refund Option

Once the refund is successful, Amazon will send in an apology. The money will be refunded either as an Amazon Gift Card or your credit card. Your money will be refunded within five business days without further delay; it arrives as card credit.

Place Final Order (Optional)

You may choose to place another or withdraw your money for something else. She successfully gets back your money and still keeps the Amazon item and dumps the Amazon account. If you want to repeat the trick, use a new account and a different address.

Bypass ID Verification on Amazon

Open your Amazon account and click Login & Security.

You’ll find Two-Step Verification Settings; click on Edit.

Click on Disable

You’ll receive a security code on your mobile number. Enter the code and click Verify.

This should stop Amazon from requesting verification when you’re running the Amazon refund trick.

Things to Remember

Here are some things to remember using the Amazon refund trick:

  • Don’t use the Amazon refund trick from the same account more than once
  • Keep the purchased item out of your home if possible
  • Don’t tell anyone about it – not even your friends or family
  • Don’t order anything too expensive – keep it simple

Secret Amazon Refund Trick

We know many of you are not getting refund from Amazon as they asked ID proof and then investigate so which is a really big issue but don’t worry, you can get our secret trick at only 100 $

This trick will work 100% surely and its safe, no need to provide any proof

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Its totally secret and we cant publish it openly because amazon may realize it.

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Concluding on this article

Before you run the discussed trick, understand that you’re not only cheating Amazon but the seller of the product. For instance, if you order iPhone 11 directly from Apple, this trick will make Apple and Amazon lose. This applies to all other sellers on Amazon. Furthermore, the courier of your ordered item may be investigated for the thing.

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